Surfin Serf Demo 2011a

by Surfin Serf

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    These songs demonstrate what Surfin Serf sounds like as a quartet at home in early April 2011.




released April 18, 2011

Byron Lynch - Voice, Guitar, Direction
Russell Harrison - Guitar, Voice
McCarty Johnson - Bass Guitar, Voice
Jorgen Trygved - Drums, Recording/Mixing




Surfin Serf Sacramento, California

a night rider playing bright songs. r&bmo in northern california.

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Track Name: Gingerbread
when i get in this space, i can hear a half-brain saying, "why don't you grab a movie and find the soft touch for your face?" lord knows that i fully want it, but it's tough to bank on not-do: a hard thing to keep quiet cool. i want that self-known bad smell giving me hell. unsure what happened along the way, but the tracks say i fell. sometimes i see me, sipping under bridge that sits close to my house, wrapped up in thought, caught up by visions of that skirt, or possibly even that shirt left on the floor ("can i borrow yours?") - and all just a phantom of what's come before.

a question sewn in to every day, following in some unseen way, in space where i went to be alone. maybe in some true, yearning way, i will finally hear you say those words: "here i am."
Track Name: Head Check
we spoke, thinking our understanding,
which was based on a common thing,
was sufficient for good standing.
how mistaken we both could be.

differences in assumptive strings
wove webs 'round definitive beams,
whose weight did strain our changing lodging.
tangled vines obscured green canopy.

fast i'm going
do you follow me?

now when was seen this sad happening
and cogs did slow in the machine,
practiced hand thought, remembering the chopping block -
freed light and limb for higher things.

can it be seen and can we agree,
especially when we do not agree,
that we're sheltered best by strings shared, our weave not to be hot mess
happy, nature's intent to keep

i am sorry
i'll try more clearly

hear me
then tell me
what you see
Track Name: Cached Ashes
wallowing in misery,
i see your poster on the wall in a den of debauchery
now a southbound bike ride is what i need
to get you in a ball on my hip

step into the tall, wet grass
on plain and plateau to seeek you out
and when it seems i'll never see
as a vision, you appear to me

i try bait - no - ball - no - rock - no
bait - rock - rock - bait - ball
no - no - no - no - no

she is eating
she is angry
she ran away

miserable and wandering
now i see my steps were numbered from the beginning
but this wilderness yields two great gifts
i now have surf and strength