No Meta

by Surfin Serf

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    This 4 song seven-inch is on clear vinyl with label art by Tim Chandler. Octopus tattoo enclosed. Assembled by Byron at home.
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    R&Bmo debut (heavy on the midwestern emo vibes). This self-released four song seven inch is a solo home recording from the late 2000s from Byron Lynch. Described by Chad Matheny of Emperor X as "good jogging music."

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This album was conceived in late '7, then performed and recorded by Byron Lynch in the last quarter of '8 and the first quarter of '9 at his mom's house in the suburbs of Orlando. It was mastered by Paul Gold at Salt Mastering in Brooklyn in the fourth quarter of '9 and self-released (on Shedding Records) the second quarter of '10.


released June 2, 2010

Byron Lynch - guitar, bass guitar, drums, percussion, technobox, voice, tascam 488 mark ii, garageband

Paul Gold - mastering




Surfin Serf Sacramento, California

a night rider playing bright songs. r&bmo in northern california.

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Track Name: No Meta
a thief broke in the other day -
man, am i mad! i am upset!
i'd like to find him and get my stuff back
and hit him in his stupid face.
the girl i love does not love me back -
she loves another guy instead.
what a raw deal; i'm upset
and sad too: there's nothing wrong with me.

today i feel how i feel, and isn't that enough?
think about it if you want; i'm going to feel.

hanging out with friends, feeling fine.
it's awesome - they get me, enough
who needs romance when you love your friends?
not me, not now - i'm not depressed!

today i feel how i feel, and i know that's enough -
think about it if you want; i'm going to feel!

i am alone in the forest close to my house
you know, sometimes, i like to be around stuff;
but right now, i don't. being outside is totally awesome.
don't complicate it.
Track Name: Signifying
asdf become all of our opens
and all of our seventh-grade "we must talk."
jkl; become all of our "you're making no sense
and it's on purpose"

i promise i'm being straightforward
i know we can meet head-on

form will not function
signify and signifies
form wills not function
signified might not survive

day break, night fix
time's called on its' scheme
island licks creep in dreams
night falls, sun tapes
all cracks leak inverse
fracture vision dots shower
sleep with gleams.
Track Name: Green Sine
in every lab coat
in every office's supplies
in every medicine cabinet
on every law hotline

green sine

a russian wind, a danish smell
preparation for orbit
could be hope in a german well.
before the war, i flew spaceships joylessly
i thought at the captain, "hey!"
"i can see my house. please, take me back to my house."

in every shadow of any dormplex
in every thirty-two year-old still at home
in every too-cool's tools from her two cool parents
in buried dinosaur bone

far be it for me to judge what's right for anyone but me,
but for me it makes much more sense to s k i
free. and i know my mom is happy with me.
Track Name: Dadaist Futures
weirdness rides the wind
strangeness guides my days
cool dad, boring son
curses a new generation

first date in a graveyard
first base on a tombstone
firstborn of puff daddy:
a mall goth, full-blown

to father a failure
to son, also a failure
at thirty-five became a mogul
and ascends the throne

h-h h-h

how smooth will my jazz get?

weirdness rides the wind
to a future that is certain